Prayer Calendar for Your Adopted Child-February 2017

Dear friends,

For the next year, you can receive a prayer calendar for your adopted child right here!

There is a prayer for every day, accompanied by a graphic that will be on my author page on FB–SherrieEldridge.AdoptionAuthor.

I hope this will be a blessing to you, your child, and family.


TITLE Boxing Club Fishers and Lupus Foundation of America, Indiana Chapter, Partner to Hit Lupus Hard at May 21 Fundraiser

Lupus Fundraiser

Adoptees Can Control Their Anger--Really!

One twenty-something adopted woman stood up in a seminar and asked, “Will it ever go away?”

She was referring to her inability to control her anger, which many adoptees find hugely challenging. It spews from our pores and communicate it through our body language. Yet, we may not be self-aware enough to realize what we’re […]

Deepening Trust With Your Adopted Child

Dear weary parents, parents in the trenches, storm-tossed parents, parents whose kids say they won’t talk about adoption, parents who are tired of trying….

I know….sometimes your best-laid plans for talking adoption with your kids get sabotaged! Right? You’ve thought deeply about what to share/ask, determined the best time, and perhaps even rehearsed possible scenarios […]

Helping Adoptees Gain A Sense of Personal Power

By now you understand the sense of helplessness many adoptees feel when they think about their deepest wound: being separated, partially or permanently, from the people who made them. In order to help your child heal from this wound, you need to continually teach her to own her personal power and take healthy control of […]

20 Gifts of Adoption from One Adoptee's Perspective

The first gift is LIFE…May you remember the One who created you. The second gift is BIRTH…May you be grateful for she who chose to carry you. The third gift is a NEW NAME….May you rejoice in the fact that your name is personally written on my heart. The fourth gift is BELONGING…May you […]

How To Gain/Miss Entrance to the Adopted Child's World

Dear friends,

This is an excerpt from Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew (Chapter 2) (

What will prevent access to your child’s world?

Avoid the topic of adoption as long as possible. Hope that your child will never ask about his or her past. Deny the differences between your adopted […]

20 Things One Lupus Patient Wants the World to Know

I Have Lupus But Lupus Doesn’t Have Me!

I must confess, I haven’t always had this positive attitude.

How can you have a great attitude about a chronic illness with no cure?

Something quite unexpected happened that has helped my attitude every […]

An Open Letter to Indiana Adoptees and Legislators

Whenever a newborn cries, she expects someone will take care of the need, whether it is for food, a clean diaper, or touch.

Sometimes, a baby’s cries aren’t attended to. The baby cries and cries but no one shows up. In time the newborn gives up crying and “goes within,” into survival mode, developing strong […]

I Lived in a Baby Box for Ten Days

I was an unplanned, unwanted baby by my mommy. She was nervous and scared all the time that I lived inside her. Instead of eating, she drank coffee. Maybe that’s why I was so small.

After she gave birth, she was sedated and whisked away, with no knowledge if I was a boy or […]