20 Gifts of Adoption from One Adoptee's Perspective

The first gift is LIFE…May you remember the One who created you. The second gift is BIRTH…May you be grateful for she who chose to carry you. The third gift is a NEW NAME….May you rejoice in the fact that your name is personally written on my heart. The fourth gift is BELONGING…May you […]

05/20/15 – National Lupus Foundation, Indiana Chapter

How To Gain/Miss Entrance to the Adopted Child's World

Dear friends,

This is an excerpt from Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew (Chapter 2) (https://sherrieeldridge.com/shop/)

What will prevent access to your child’s world?

Avoid the topic of adoption as long as possible. Hope that your child will never ask about his or her past. Deny the differences between your adopted […]