Adoptees Can Control Their Anger--Really!

One twenty-something adopted woman stood up in a seminar and asked, “Will it ever go away?”

She was referring to her inability to control her anger, which many adoptees find hugely challenging. It spews from our pores and communicate it through our body language. Yet, we may not be self-aware enough to realize what we’re […]

Father's Day From the Mouths of Babes

A story is told of a Roman emperor making his triumphant entry into the city after battle. Crowds gather to catch a glimpse of their emperor and the prisoners of war chained to the chariot wheels.

A seven-year-old girl pushes her way to the front of the crowd and approaches one of the many royal […]

Deepening Trust With Your Adopted Child

Dear weary parents, parents in the trenches, storm-tossed parents, parents whose kids say they won’t talk about adoption, parents who are tired of trying….

I know….sometimes your best-laid plans for talking adoption with your kids get sabotaged! Right? You’ve thought deeply about what to share/ask, determined the best time, and perhaps even rehearsed possible scenarios […]