The Lost Sheep Parable in Living Color

Dear friends through adoption,

Sometimes, when adoptees and birth families finally find one another, it is necessary to soak in every moment because we never know how long we’ll have one another. I have found this to be true. I learned this first through my late birth Uncle Dave Clark, whom I will introduce […]

The Special Needs of Adopted Kids, Teen, and Adults

Whisper Adoption Affirmations

Dear friends,

This is an except from 20 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew that I thought you might enjoy, especially this summer, since the kids are home and you can “study” lovingly their special needs and your responses.

Learning these special needs, or as I call them, vulnerabilities, will increase your compassion […]

Dying Grandfather Writes Truth About Granddaughter's Conception and Birth

Dear Baby,

Although I consider myself a literate and learned man, I confess that these are the hardest words I have ever written or read in my nearly fifty years of life. I want to tell you about the circumstances of your conception and birth. Since I will not be able to do it in […]