Guess What Planned Parenthood Offers For Post-Abortive Comfort

Whisper Adoption Affirmations


Will Tweets Fill Empty Arms? Planned Parenthood Says So.

Post-abortive stigma and shame can simply be wiped from a woman’s soul through a new Tweet campaign, originated by the infamous Planned Parenthood. They claim that by utilizing their latest social media blitz entitled SHOUTYOURABORTION …stigma and pain will magically disappear.

Really? REALLY?


What's the #ShoutOutAbortion and #ShoutOutAdoption All About?

What’s all this shouting on social media? Can you hear it?

#ShoutYourAbortion and/or #ShoutYourAdoption?

As a person whose life has been touched by both, I have to ask myself, “Why would people want to shout about abortion? Are they applauding women’s choice and/or the #PlannedParenthood atrocities we’ve seen unfold in the last few weeks?

We […]

Why Adoptees Reject Their Moms

Brunt of Adoptee Anger?

Many moms of adopted children can’t figure out what they’ve done wrong, what makes their children reject them, even though they have literally poured their very souls into them.

This anger may manifest in shouting matches, temper tantrums, refusing to let you hold her hand when walking through the parking […]