You Don't Feel Like Royalty Today, Adoptive Mama?

Dear Adoptive Moms…discouraged moms….tired moms…

Purple makes one think of royalty, distinction, eminence, greatness and nobility.

“I wish I could be a better mom.”

What? You don’t feel royal?

Did you realize on adoption day that you were stepping into the throne room of the King instead of an orphanage or hospital waiting […]

#DVDs for 20 Things #Adopted Kids Wish--New & Free!

Dear friends,

Completing these DVDs takes one more item off my writer’s bucket list!

I wanted to make short DVDs for you to use as you study this little book that has become a best-seller over the last 16 years.

It still amazes me that I even wrote a book! I’m not an English […]

Searching for Birth History--Tips and Tricks for Adoptees

I still remember when I scratched out a letter to the probate judge in pencil on simple notebook paper. Bob and I were vacationing in northern Michigan. The rest of the family was out on the beach, but that flame for truth had been ignited within me so that even the beach I loved […]