Adopted Kids Were Born for Greatness

That sweet little chickie or handsome little dude that you’re bringing up may not have any idea that she was born for greatness!

But, you know, parents!

black girl. life planEvery child, adopted or not, has childhood dreams.

However, when adopted kids hit the “adoptee rite of passage,” their dreams may die, along with any sense of self confidence or worth. Like a little grain of wheat that’s been pounded on the threshing floor and then placed in the ground to multiply, it’s been too dark, too long, for adoptees to remember those dreams.

That’s okay. Dreams must die before they can really live and that’s what happens during your child’s “rite of passage” into the upcoming wonderful part of life.

What about now? If cost were no object, if energy or circumstances were not objects, what would your child l-o-v-e to do in life?

In the years ahead, your child will find himself at many crossroads of life. Which way should he go? He could go many ways, he can do multiple things, but which is the absolute best way to turn?

A Life-Defining Principle for Decision Making

 paperA mentor once taught me a life-defining principle for making choices at crossroads: She said: “Ask yourself what you are the most uniquely qualified for. In other words:

  • Which of the two options could anyone do?
  • Which of the two could only you do?

At one of my personal crossroads, I had just been accepted into a master’s program for counseling. It was an honor to be chosen one of ten.

However, another dream was brewing inside me. I dreamed of writing material for fellow adoptees that would encourage them on every level.

So, one door was wide open, but the other was a dream. Long story short, I quit the master’s program and began writing Jewels Adoption News, way back in 1994 when hard copies were the only form of communication.  Readership increased by 500% the first year and it was then that I knew I’d taken the right path. In addition, it was so incredibly fulfilling!



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