TITLE Boxing Club Fishers and Lupus Foundation of America, Indiana Chapter, Partner to Hit Lupus Hard at May 21 Fundraiser

Lupus Fundraiser

20 Things One Lupus Patient Wants the World to Know

I Have Lupus But Lupus Doesn’t Have Me!

I must confess, I haven’t always had this positive attitude.

How can you have a great attitude about a chronic illness with no cure?

Something quite unexpected happened that has helped my attitude every […]

Why the Sun Causes More Than Sunburn for Lupus Patients

This is another personal reflection containing a little research about Lupus. Lupus has been declared as Lupus Awareness Month. These articles are my effort to raise awareness and help everyone touched by Lupus better understand the complexities, subtleties, and anxieties.

How can something wonderful like the sun be a challenge to a Lupus patient? That’s […]