#DVDs for 20 Things #Adopted Kids Wish--New & Free!

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Dear friends,

Completing these DVDs takes one more item off my writer’s bucket list!

I wanted to make short DVDs for you to use as you study this little book that has become a best-seller over the last 16 years.

It still amazes me that I even wrote a book! I’m not an English or Journalism graduate, nor did I ever set out to write a book.

Thanks to you for all your kind feedback over the years.

These Vimeo (and YouTube) DVDs are my love gift back to you!

Here’s the link to find them:


If you haven’t read the book, you may purchase it here: Http://SherrieEldridge.com/shop/

Best-seller for #AdoptiveParents, #BirthParents, and #Adoptees

Best-seller for #AdoptiveParents, #BirthParents, and #Adoptees

Love to all!


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