Past Hurts May Be A Clue to Adoptee's Life Purpose

anniversary48.jpg.closeupA few years ago, Bob and I were being trained as life coaches. One break-out session was especially appealing to me—How to Help Others Find Their Life Purpose.

When the two leaders asked for a volunteer to come up front and be their “guinea pig client” to demonstrate how to find life purpose, I raised my hand. I already knew what my life purpose and passion was. This would be a piece of cake!

Standing between the two leaders and in front of at least 50 people, they asked, “What is your passion?”

“Orphans,” I said, with confidence.

Suddenly, I was overcome with emotion. Please understand this is not normal behavior for me. I was wearing my “I have it all together adoptee mask,” after all!

But, I couldn’t stop the tears. I turned my back to the crowd, putting my hands over quivering lips.


“This is a normal reaction when people find their passion,” the coaches said. “Often, the passion hits deep cords and tears come, very unexpectedly.”

After I turned around, they asked, “And, what happened in your life that you feel a passion for orphans?”

“I was an orphan,” I whispered.

Then, they asked, “And, what do you want to do with this passion?”

With a hoarse voice, I answered, “I want to hold each one of them and tell them that they’re not forgotten.”

The teaching they gave afterwards has been emblazoned on my heart as I have taken steps to find my life purpose.




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(This excerpt is from Chapter 21 of the upcoming 20 LIFE-TRANSFORMING CHOICES ADOPTEES NEED TO MAKE.  May not be reproduced. Copyright, 2015, Sherrie Eldridge).

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