Sherrie Eldridge's resources for adoptees



Teen and adult adoptees, welcome!

If you’ve never had a fellow-adoptee friend, you are in for a treat! Furthermore, if you are hurting, we have a saying: “An hour with fellow adoptees is better than years of therapy…and it’s free!”

No matter where you are in your adoption journey, you will find a safe place here.

We also offer our All-Adoptee Boot Camp where you can work through relationship issues, emotional struggles, and find your life purpose. We use the Under His Wings Workbook which is available on this site at “Shop.”

Many adoptees who aren’t comfortable sharing experiences, just listen. That’s okay! Just come, sign up, and listen to the voices that will speak the same emotional language as you. Sign up:



Welcome birth, foster, and adoptive parents!

No matter whether you’re just beginning to think about adopting a child, whether you’re in the process of adopting, or have already adopted and your family is complete, you will find pure encouragement here.

You will be engagin with those who “get it!”

Whenever I speak to parents, I emphasize that you may come and hear me speak for a day, but that is not the best encouragement you can get!

The BEST encouragement is staying in touch with other adoptive parents, hearing their wisdom, and soaking in their encouragement. Peruse the resources and enjoy.

There is a special Yahoo group just for you! A place that you can share the depths of your hearts without fear of judgement. Sound good? Sign up


Social Workers

Thank you for all that you do on behalf of adoptive and foster families! Many of you “burn the candle at both ends” and are utterly exhausted.

If you want encouragement, if you want to see how I might help you with trainings, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m slowing down some, but I’m not done! Welcome to this part of the site that is designed just for you.