Sherrie Eldridge speaking to adoptees

Welcome Fellow Adoptees!

I love you all and after 20 years of friendships, I still believe that being with you is better than years of therapy! I often liken time with you as being yummier than my favorite dessert – triple-layered chocolate cake.

Age doesn’t matter between us! There is an instant bond.


Here you will:

  • Hear the voices of fellow-adoptees who speak the same language-they “get it”
  • Feel safe enough to spill your guts and not feel judged or ashamed
  • Grow through participating in boot camp
  • Establish unshakeable self-esteem
  • Get unstuck from anger and rage
  • Start living the life God has planned for you
  • Receive coaching that will help you identify your God-given life purpose-in one word

I look forward to deepening our friendships here!

Love and hugs,


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