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Sherrie Eldridge's resources for post adoptees


Deba Jo De Sus Alas

Creando un lugar confortable para que los hijos adoptivos pueden hablar sobre adopcion.

Spanish Translation of Under His Wings – Creating a Safe Place for Adoptees to Talk about Adoption(21 MB PDF)

Es nacimiento, escribiendo cartas PARA y DE ella. Cuando esta busqueda imaginaria concluye, los hijos adoptivos aceptan su experiencia de adopcion, sea o no sea que culmine en una busqueda. Se incluyen instrucciones para el facilitador que son faciles de seguir, junto con recomendaciones de lecturas adicionales.


Beauty for Ashes – A Healing Journey for the Adoption Triad

This is a 75-page biblically-based workbook designed specifically for use by the adoption triad (adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents), but can also be used by separate triad groups.


12 Steps for Adopted Teens

At last… Something for adopted teens. Twelve Steps For Adopted Teens is a unique workbook that provides exposure to the common thoughts and emotions of fellow adoptees. Writing letters “to” and “from” the birth mother will surface repressed emotions and pertinent Scriptures will empower teens to come to terms with their relinquishment and adoption experiences.


Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Study Guide.

Many adoptive parents and mental health and adoption professionals who have read Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Parents Knew have expressed a desire for a study guide that will help them prepare prospective adoptive parents and new adoptive parents for the challenges of adoptive parenting. The chapters in the study guide are short. Take them at your own pace or divide them in blocks for specific assignments. May God richly bless you as you gain a new understanding of the adopted child!