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Sherrie Eldridge on social workers

Welcome Adoption and Foster Care Professionals!

For 18 years of training to State agencies as well as privately owned agencies, there has never been a problem with participants fulfilling CEU requirements.

Usually, training sessions are from 8:30-4:30, and my preference is the small group format. Simply put, the small group format is:

  • I speak for 30 minutes on a topic you desire
  • 20 minutes of round table discussion using prepared outlines with questions I have prepared
  • 20 minutes of large group processing, including a Q and A time

My goal for time with you is to share the adoptee’s perspective on subjects such as:

  • What Adoptees Wish Professionals Knew
  • What Adoptees Need When a Gusher of Tears is Tapped
  • How to Teach Parents about Melting Adoptee Defensiveness
  • Behaviors and Beliefs Indicating Adoptees Have Unresolved Grief and Loss
  • Behaviors and Belief’s Indicating Adoptees Are Growing
  • How Adoptees Silently form an Attachment to You
  • The Heart Language of the Adopted Child-How and When to Speak It
  • How to Gain/Miss Entrance to the Adopted Child’s World
  • Learn a Practical Tool to Help Children/Families Grieve Loss

Feel free to contact me about trainings. The preferable way would be for you to have already met with your team, know what the focus is to be, then email me with what you’ve decided and convenient times for me to call back. Thank you!


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