Guess What Planned Parenthood Offers For Post-Abortive Comfort


Will Tweets Fill Empty Arms? Planned Parenthood Says So.

Will Tweets Fill Empty Arms? Planned Parenthood Says So.

Post-abortive stigma and shame can simply be wiped from a woman’s soul through a new Tweet campaign, originated by the infamous Planned Parenthood. They claim that by utilizing their latest social media blitz entitled SHOUTYOURABORTION …stigma and pain will magically disappear.

Really? REALLY?

Yup…all you need to do is make a hot-pink placard with those words emblazoned on it, and boom–away with pain and grief. Or, make a heart with your hands, like Gloria Steinem, proud advocate of abortion. For sure, siding with her would heal the secret grief. You would be ecstatic and never miss that lost child for one moment of life.

In reality, the post-abortive mom or dad ponders the loss: infancy, childhood, school-age, teen, young adult, married adult, grandchildren. Each time she sees a child this age, loss gets triggered. It is a lifelong journey toward healing. A good resource for them is the book Her Choice to Heal, by Sydna Masse. Order HERE.

How demeaning to post-abortive women to make such an assertion. My heart hurts for my friends who have suffered abortion. And, it enrages me that an individual or organization could be so calloused.

Let’s counter this with #ShoutYourAdoption and discover #God’s gifts to adoptees and why we should #ShoutYourAdoption instead.

The following are 20 reasons for shouting your adoption. Share these God-given gifts with the adoptee you love. The gifts are presented in a semi-letter form to the adoptee as written by God:

  1. The first gift is LIFE…Remember that I created you. Your life has always been My idea. You are Mine, no matter what.
  1. BIRTH…May you be always grateful, compassionate, and forgiving toward the mother who chose to give you the gift of birth.
  1. NEW NAME….Rejoice in the fact that your name is inscribed on the palms of my hands. Never, ever will I forget you!

    Whisper Adoption Affirmations

    Want me to remind me of who you are in God’s eyes?”

  2. BELONGING…May you feel a deep sense of family as you connect with others who believe in Me.
  1. FAMILY….May your physical and emotional differences from your human family remind you that differences are beautiful in my sight.I love them!
  1. STRENGTH….Grow strong in your faith and trust in Me because of the problems you encounter. When you feel weak, you are growing strong in Me. Hard to believe, but it’s true.
  1. IDENTITY…Celebrate You!… Celebrate that you are a wondrous combination of nature and nurture, with awesome potential.
  1. SECURITY…May you know deep down that I am yours and you are Mine. Always know I’ve got your back.
  1. LOVE… If you would have been the only person in the world, I would have died for you. I wanted to be your Father that much!
  1. ACCEPTANCE… May you comprehend, even on a sensory level, that I adore you just because of who you are. No changes made. I love you just as you are. Please don’t change!
  1. GRACE…Whenever you blow it, remember that my forgiveness is so much bigger than what you’ve done.
  1. TALENT…I’ve gifted you in certain ways. These gifts weren’t meant to be kept. No, they’re meant to be given away. A gift isn’t a gift until you’ve given it away.
  1. PURPOSE: Discover your unique footprints across the sands of time. Your deepest hurt will likely be your life’s purpose and passion. But you must be healthy before you share your passion.
  1. TEARS…Cry all you can. Tears are a gift from Me. Don’t bottle them up. They are like little diamonds you put in My hands that I keep in My bottle.
  1. ADVENTURE…Being an adopted person is like a rope that is tied in many knots. I will make you smart enough to figure out how to untangle each one, and grow each knot of the way.
  1. HUMOR…Crack up laughing when others say dumb things about adoption.
  1. CALLING…You were created and adopted for a purpose that no one else in human history can fill. Learn about Moses, an adoptee who lived in Bible times. Even though he was scared when God called him to do something hard, he did it and God called him His friend.
  1. COMMUNITY…Having fellow-adoptee friends will be wonderful for you. They will understand you more than almost anybody.
  1. TENDERHEARTEDNESS…Cry with those who cry. Because of the hard life you’ve had, they will know you understand without you even saying a word.
  1. ABUNDANCE….You have no idea about the incredibly wonderful life I have planned for you. Pray to me throughout your days and I will help you see what I am doing to give you special gifts.(Copyright, 2015, Sherrie Eldridge. Http://

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