An Unexpected Prescription for Adoption Grief

How To Grieve Loss


It is extremely difficult for those touched by adoption–whether adoptee, birth parent, or adoptive parent, to keep their balance in the midst of deep grieving and loss. I was surprised to find how Job (of the Bible) handled it. And, he ended up in the latter part of his life being better off […]

Trauma Triggers of Adopted/Foster Kids

Trauma Triggers

Being a newbie about this trauma stuff and being an adoptee who’s recently realized there is a smoke alarm going off her my brain, I have to think about the complexities of trauma in simple ways.

With that in mind, think about why adoptees and foster kids get triggered to the point of meltdowns or […]


May you be edified here and see adoption through the eyes of adopted, foster, and aged-out kids of all ages. And, for fellow adoptees and foster kids, may your complex identity become unshakable.

My story is that I’ve gone from nameless to shameless. Immediately after my birth, my mother disappeared, and I was named […]