Sherrie Eldridge training


Sherrie works with meeting planners to assure that her materials successfully meet the specific needs of your audience! Materials used fulfill CEU requirements for both parents and professionals and for pre- and post-adoption needs.

You will have in-depth notes and illustrations to take back to your clients, such as the braid illustration, depicting the roles of birth parents, adoptive parents, and adopted children.

Participants who will benefit from a day of training with Sherrie are:

  • Prospective and new adoptive parents
  • Staff of adoption, foster care agencies
  • University Social Work conferences
  • State-sponsored trainings for parents and professionals
  • Orphan ministry leaders and teams, both stateside and abroad
  • University Social Work Programs
  • Church ministries
  • Missionaries

An example of one training session involves the hand-painted braid, with eStatach color representing those in the adoption triad (birth parents, adoptive parents, child). With this presentation, Sherrie presents:

  • Powerpoint and participant handouts
  • Coloring projects that parents/counselors can use with children to help them understand the big picture of adoption
  • A lecture, emphasizing the importance of each strand in the braid.