Social Worker Training

Sherrie Eldridge training

Fellow colleagues,

What I can offer you is a deepened perspective on how your adopted clients think, feel, and behave!

Some challenging issues to offer the adoptee perspective are how:

  • Recognize the masks of strength adoptees often wear
  • Develop techniques for getting behind the mask
  • Reach prospective parents who are resistent to the idea of loss and are in denial
  • Create ways that you can actually reach an adopted teen that has been institutionalized
  • Give adoptees information that will help them get past seemingly impossible issues with anger
  • Teach your clients, whether parents or teens, the process one must go through to embrace and enjoy their life purpose
  • How to play a vital role in making hospitals more adoption sensitive
  • Work with both birth and adoptive families using the Forever Fingerrpints Adopiton Celebration Ceremony

Please look at the speaking section to see what format and topics.

Thanks for all you do for families!