What Is The Dark Night of the Soul?

Dear friends

Plumbing the depths of Scripture to learn what “the dark night of the soul” means, I came across information about Mother Theresa that has profoundly impacted me. Simply put, the dark night of the soul is when one feels abandoned by God himself.

Mother Theresa began her dark night of the soul after God called her to ministry.

The dark night of the soul or night season is the transition we make from depending on our own sight and selves to total dependence upon Christ and his faithfulness.

The dark night means brokenness. None of us want to sign up for it, but he is a loving Father who knows exactly what we need to accomplish his will for our lives.

He knows we will never be content, never enjoy real freedom and never be truly fulfilled until we are “experientially” one with him.

If  God seems far away, or that He has abandoned you, you are in good company.

You will come forth as gold.


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