What Wounded Hearts Need for the New Year

How To Feed Your Spirit

Just as a baby trusts her parents to provide milk, we must trust Jesus to provide milk for our souls.

Dear friends,

Christmas 2015 is over and many of you are wondering what 2016 holds.

Me, too!

Will you be able to make it through another year?

Will you get to the point where you don’t believe you can take anymore?

Many of us feel this way during the holidays.

I am pulling up a memory of my baby granddaughter for all of us who feel a bit needy.

She is guzzling milk and her pudgy toes are doing all kinds of contortions, scrunched up in delight, as she downs what to her is the yummiest milk in all of creation.

If she could talk, I bet she would say, “I love this milk. It’s so delicious and makes me feel good from my head to my toes.”

God’s words from the Bible are milk for our souls. His Word makes us feel good, both inside and out. They actually apply to our everyday lives!

I’ll never forget discovering that God’s Word is alive! When I read my Bible, words seemed like they were written in neon. They applied exactly to where I was in my life journey. How could that be?

I had no idea the real God that created the heavens and earth was speaking to me! Little old me. Really? Could that be true?

Yes! He loves me that much.

He loves you that much, also!

Have you ever read the Bible?

If not, read it and pray first, “God, please make Yourself real to me?”

May He refresh us as we enter 2016!

Remember….when you get to the point of feeling like you can’t take life, ask for the milk of God’s Word to sustain you. Well, actually, don’t wait until you’re at that point! Let’s challenge ourselves to read the Bible everyday! Some reading plans are listed below.

“Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good”

Love to all of you!




If you are new to Bible reading, here are some suggestions to get started:.


(This devotional is based on the December 27th devotional from Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Daily Devotional for Birth and Adoptive Parents. Order here: Http://SherrieEldridge.com/shop/)



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