What's the #ShoutOutAbortion and #ShoutOutAdoption All About?

#shout.adoption.shout.abortionWhat’s all this shouting on social media? Can you hear it?

#ShoutYourAbortion and/or #ShoutYourAdoption?

As a person whose life has been touched by both, I have to ask myself, “Why would people want to shout about abortion? Are they applauding women’s choice and/or the #PlannedParenthood atrocities we’ve seen unfold in the last few weeks?

We must understand what we’re shouting for and why!

The only reason I attach the description of “conceived in rape” to my name and story is not to be negative, not to give TMI, not to cast shame on my #birthmother, but to identify with unborn children who will be conceived in the same manner I once was.

These voiceless, created-in-the-heart-of-the-Father unborn babies, yet-unformed-in-the-womb babies, deserve our voices, our shouts, our laws, and our consuming compassion. They are the precious ones who have yet to enter the world who deserve life and a place at the table just as much as any of us. Their lives are already completely planned, with a unique purpose.

I also shout my adoption! For me, adoption is a life that is complex, complicated, grief-filled, wonderful, and surprisingly joyful, as when I met my late brother, Jon.

So, I set out the challenge to couple our shouts about “conceived in rape” babies with declarations of who these babies belong to–children of the Living God. You see, each life begins not at conception, not at birth, not on adoption day, but in eternity past, in the very heart of #God the #Father.

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2 comments to What’s the #ShoutYourAbortion and #ShoutYourAdoption All About?

  • Melissa Nesbit

    Sherrie. I have been so blessed as I read your 20 things for parents book. actually read it during our 10 week training for adoption and even suggested to our APAC facilitator that this book needed to be read along with the GPS training, as it went right along with it.

    You need to connect with Alveda King (Doc. Kings neice) as a matter of fact I am going to send her a note about connecting with you as well.


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