Where Is Your “Awaiting Grave?”

Life Before Death

Open grave freshly dug for a burial…could it be your awaiting grave?

Dear friends,

Thanksgiving brings thanks for family, friends, and the food that we’ve eaten too much of.

I am well aware that there are many of you who are in the depths of suffering, and any thanksgiving that comes from your lips or hearts is a sacrifice.

I became more thankful this morning as I was reading my Bible Study Fellowship notes on the book of Revelation.

As usual, when God wants me to learn something new from His Word, a few words stand out like neon. This time the words were–“the grave awaiting me.”


Now, I know….we all know we’re going to die some day.

But, friend, have you ever thought about the actual place where your grave will be?

That piece of land is somewhere right now.

Where is it?

When will my body be put into it?

Who will stand at my grave?

What will take me to my grave? Cancer….old age…a car wreck?

These are thoughts common to all.

But think of….an actual grave!


Just thinking about being in it is scary….even though I’ll be dead!

Can you identify?

My childish fears were quelled this morning when I read:¬†“Now the death of Christ sets believers free from the captivity of the awaiting grave and forms them into a new eternal body in Christ known as the Church.”

Isn’t that the coolest promise for believers?

The eternal body is made up of Christians. Not people who go to church or say they are Christians because they were born into a Christian family. No…it is those who have been born again through water and the Word. Those who love Jesus more than anything this world has to offer. Those who have turned their life over to Him as Lord and Savior.

And, the Church spoken of here? The Church is invisible! Even though we may sit next to someone in a physical church doesn’t mean they are a part of the mystical body, called the Church.

We’re not only free from sin, ourselves, and death, but also the captivity (of our fears) of the awaiting grave.

Now, this is something to be thankful for, even if we are in a time of suffering.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends.

I love you!


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