You Don't Feel Like Royalty Today, Adoptive Mama?

Dear Adoptive Moms…discouraged moms….tired moms…

Purple makes one think of royalty, distinction, eminence, greatness and nobility.

"I wish I could be a better mom."

“I wish I could be a better mom.”

What? You don’t feel royal?

Did you realize on adoption day that you were stepping into the throne room of the King instead of an orphanage or hospital waiting room, or that the social worker holding your child’s hand while removing her from abusive parents was actually the hand of God?

You couldn’t sense God’s presence?

That’s okay. The two on the Road to Emmaus couldn’t either…but that doesn’t change the fact that Jesus was there, as he has always been with you.

“As they talked and discussed these things…Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; but they were kept from recognizing him.” (Luke 24:15)

Hang in there.

You ARE royalty even though you may not feel like it today.

Love to you,


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